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Kizomba MaNi T-shirts line I Dance

Fill out this form please to order your T-shirts. Prices starting from 19.00 Euro!

You can fill out the form several times if you want to order multiple types of T-shirts. Shipping costs will be automatically charged.

Je kunt het formulier meerdere keren invullen indien je meerdere soorten t-shirt wilt bestellen. Verzendkosten worden automatisch berekend.

The order will be shipped as soon as we received the total amount on our bank account NL64 INGB 0004 8878 62 Amsterdam including your sender details and please add the description: ‘T-shirts’.
Thank you!

De bestelling wordt verzonden zodra het totaalbedrag binnen is op het rekeningnummer NL64 INGB 0004 8878 62 ten name van Kizomba MaNi te Amsterdam onder vermelding van: ‘T-shirts’ en de gegevens van de afzender.

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