Kizomba MaNi about us

“Kizomba MaNi” started in the living room together with friends

The name” Kizomba Mani” is made by merging our dance passion with our names, and Kizomba is the Angolan Tango which we really fall in love with in its purest form. We keep continuing to challenge and develop using all the basic elements.
…..”Mania” literally means: a love for something, rage. We already knew from the Angolan way of dancing that Kizomba is our biggest passion.

In Our “Kizomba“ dance classes we try to create a homely and relaxed atmosphere where we instruct , but we also leave room for silliness and fun on the dance floor.
We believe in our point of view and guaranty to monitor the group learning level and individual attention
We from Kizomba MaNi see ourselves as instructors, and help people how to make the dance their own.

As ‘Kizomba MaNi’ we show our unique way of the dance. It’s important to keep on developing our teaching techniques so it becomes easier to dance KIZOMBA with an Angolan flavour!

join us, Let’s DANCE! together…

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