He from MaNi

He was always dancing at Soul & R&B theme nights, but noticed that something was missing and wanted more experience in the dance scene.

Through his work selling music at a music store, at that time the biggest music store in Europe he learned a lot about music of the world, and in particular Latin American and African music…

That was when he decided to take dance lessons.
Salsa and Bachata ware the first lessons because he had to wait for a new start of the dance season for Brazilian dances.

After learning to dance Samba Gafeira and Pagode, Forro and Lamba Zouk he noticed that there was something special about the music of Lamba Zouk.

It created a different flow in his mind, but could’t find steps for it
Then Kizomba came into his life and captured his heart for sure…
And everything began to make sense.

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